Third Eye Reiki Services™ is a center of excellence for Reiki in chennai. It is a world class reiki healing and training center in India that blends seamlessly with nature. The center is dedicated for reiki and other alternative holistic healing. Healing sessions are conducted ever weekday. A variety of classes are conducted regularly every weekend.

         The center is run by reiki master teacher A.B. Saveetha M.A. . She is an active meditator and social worker for 15 years. She has been practicing reiki for ten years and has successfully healed numerous people. She is a philanthropist, yoga teacher, magnified healing master/teacher, reiki master/ teacher.

        Reiki is a divine intervention aimed at equipping people with the ability to channel energy from higher dimensions and transmuting energy into different expressions of the same universal life force energy, it helps in manifesting ones desires. Reiki helps one to transcend the four dimensional reality of the physical world one experiences in the waking state.


Reiki Healing Session

Reiki healing can be done by touch healing or in the aura and also as distant healing, typically reiki healing session lasts for an hour, and for most problems it is given in group of three session over a span of three days and other complicated problems the healing is given for five days and the effect of the healing and the healing it self takes place for twenty one days automatically.

During the healing session the healer feels a deep sense of calmness and goes into a deep slumber, often one goes to sleep. Mental and psychological problems can be effectively healed by reiki. During the healing session the karmic impressions of the healee gets released and this results in healing to take place.

What is Reiki?

Reiki is a divinely guided energy that flows once initiated from the cosmos to the crown chakra of the reiki practitioner then through their palm chakra. Reiki energy can be felt as it flows. The practitioner is a mere channel to the reiki energy, gets healed and energized during the process of reiki treatment or therapy.
Reiki has innate intelligence to know and heal. Reiki is a divinely guided healing energy, so it knows how and what to heal.

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