Healing Chakras

     Chakras are wheel like energy centres in our body that constantly helps to receive energy from the universe and funnel it into our body and distribute it through nadis to various parts our body mind and consciousness.

     It is very important to have healthy chakras in our body. Chakras operate at the level of energy and are affected by negative energy, psychic attack, negative psychic impressions and other past life karmic impressions; all these mentioned problems blocks the flow of vital Life Force Energy can be effectively healed by using reiki healing.

     The Shape of the chakra and size varies due to various problems we face. Reiki Healing Heals the chakra expands it and vitalizes all the petals in the chakras and restores the chakra to its original shape so that it can channel the Life Force Energy Effectively. The outer diameter of a healthy chakra is about 6 inches.

     Reiki Healing also cleanses and heals the colour of the chakras and removes all the dull and disruptive colours. Reiki Healing restores the original bright and brilliant colour of the corresponding chakras. Visualization of the chakra and their vibrant colours in the corresponding parts of the body is every important it helps one to further activate and heal the chakra.

     Another important aspect of reiki healing of the chakras is balancing the chakras, it is very important to balance the chakras. If some chakras are working exceedingly well and others are moderately working or less activated this results in imbalance. So we can apply the reiki energy to various chakras in order to balance them. We have to place the hands on the chakras symmetrically to balance them. E.g. Root and crown chakra. Sacral chakra and Third eye chakra , solar plexus and throat chakra then heal the heart chakra and say all the chakras are balanced and integrated and working properly.