Healing/ cutting Psychic chords

     Psychic chords are energetic bonds that drain one personal energetic system and even though they or their associated thought form may not exist as blockage, they can impact one's aura flow, health and diminish one's personal power. Psychic chords are tube like chords that exist at the energy level between people and even thoughts about habits, cravings, events and other situations in one's life. These psychic chords have a negative effect on the psyche and drain the energy of a person who is entangled with these psychic chords.

     Usually psychic chords get generated by interaction with people who are negative and often get angry and also by disruptive situations or events in life.

     It is for this reason that we have to remove and cut these psychic chords. Here is the process to cut the psychic chords. Invoke the angels by saying "I invoke the presence of the angels, oh! Archangel Michael, quantum angel and thirdeyereiki angel I call upon you please cut all the psychic chords of fear that are draining my energy and vitality." And visualize Archangel Michael and Quantum angel with their swords cut the psychic chords that are entangling you and see the psychic chords being disposed off by the angels into light. You may feel changes in pressure on your body and sense of relief as the negative psychic chords are released and as you are getting healed by the angels.

     Now that the psychic chords are removed protect your self by invoking quantum light and Quantum shield as ask them to be applied to you by the Quantum Angel and protect yourself wholly and completely. Visualize a dazzling white light engulfing you, comforting you with warmth and shielding you from all sorts of negative energy.
     This method of cutting the psychic chords with the angels is very powerful and we will get a very soothing and blissful experience as these negtive energy draining psychic chords are released from our system. There is another method to remove these psychic chords that involves one's personl power.

Energy can be controlled by thought and visualization and this process requies a certain amount of both.

Stand up and breathe deeply into the lungs

Visualize your physical fingers extending into white energitic fingers. Zvisualize these extended energy fingers extending to the very tip and edges of your aura.

Sweep both hands in the clockwise direction sarting from the waist , with the intention that the extended energy fingers collect all the psychic chords from the aura (Sweep the right hand from the right hip clockwise around your head and end on your left hip . sweep your left hand from the left hip around your feet and up your right hip.)

Draw all the chords together to form a bunch in the area infront of the solar plexus.

You should feel the thickness and the quantity of the chords intutively.

Use your left hand to hold the buch of chords.

Visualize that your right hand is a blue energetic knife.

Sever the chords from your energy by chopping through the bunch of chords using the blue energetic knife.

Visualize a violet cosmic flame in front of you and taje the chords and throw them in the fire allowing the voilet fire to transmute the released energy into positive energy.

To increase the sensitivity to energy - clap your hands and rub them together and pay attention to the tip of the finger and the center of the palm, this increases your sensitivity to feel the chords.