Physical Healing
    Reiki healing modality is very effective for physical healing. Let us now understand how the physical healing takes place.

     Our physical body is present in an energy gird and any change that comes to the physical body first comes to the energy body. The physical ailments are due to blockages in the energy grid due to psychic debris and past life karmic impressions.
These blockages can be easily removed by reiki healing and the corresponding changes take place at the physical level i.e. healing takes place at the physical body.

     Also All hormonal imbalances get balanced when the chakras are healed as the chakras control the glands which secrete the major hormones in our body. All the functions of the body are controlled by the balanced presence of harmonies in our body. Does balancing the hormones we can heal various medical conditions effectively. E.g. thyroid glands to control thyroid, balancing insulin hormone by healing pancreas can help heal diabetes.

     Any problem first surfaces in the energy level in the body's energy grid, it takes about six months to manifest into the physical body. Reiki clears all these disruptive energy patterns and brings about health and healing.