Becoming an effective healer

     Reiki can be easily learnt and practiced by any one. It does not need any spesific prerequisite knowledge to learn reiki . it can easily be learnt from scratch. All the specific skillset and knowledge needed are given in the reiki classes. The reiki training is a practical training and all the healing techniques and skill is practiced practically so that the reiki student remmembers them and it is not lost with time.

     The most important part of a reiki class is the attunement during the attunemnet process the reiki students spiritual chakras are opened and they remain open throuh out the life span and the ability to channel reiki energy is not diminished with time.

      The very important key to become a elequent reiki healer is practice. One has to constantly be engaged in giving reiki healing to others and practise appling a variety of reiki symbols both on self and others to gain experience in reiki healing and know what the energy of a particular symbols fells like.

     When one is engaged in the activity of giving reiki healing to others the reiki energy first has to pass into the healers body and then into the healee so the reiki healer is also benifitted by healing others.

     The reiki healer with time can rely on his intution to guide and fasten the healing. At all times the reiki energy communicates with the healer so as what the root cause of the problem is, the healer can then adress this problem by taking corrective actions.

     Along with reiki the reiki healer should cultivate the ability to communicate with the angels and develop Extra Sensory Preception.

      The reiki healer should have a strong intention to go further in reiki and learn reiki mastership and teachership levels. The energy channeled in these levels also increases manyfold and the healing energy is intense and the symbols used at these levels are also very powerful.The healing also takesplace faster and it becomes very intersting to give reiki and see the miraculous results.